Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holly Days...


"Feliz Navimum
and Dad" - and everyone else
in the family, too...


You can't beat The Gambia ("mind you, you're not allowed to beat anyone or anything these days," he added).
This is Kunta Kinteh country. Ah, yes, slaves - now they could be beaten...
Whilst times may have changed, poverty remains pretty much the same. Just minus the chains, fast-food or otherwise.
All of which preamble means it'll be a Black Christmas (as opposed to, um, a white one, I guess) for yours truly (I speak not of the soul).

May your Christmas, too, be filled with with whatever it is you would wish it to be filled with.

"I'll see you ere the year is out...
Of that,I think, there's little doubt".

written in haste (it's what they use here instead of ink)

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